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It’s a bad spot to be in, but don’t stay there. Just focus on the best and fastest way to get money. That way is title loans in Cottleville, which are approved and dispersed in less than a day.

Title Loans Cottleville Explained

Title loans are a way to borrow money against the value of your vehicle. Approved quickly and limited to short payback terms, title loans in Cottleville are awarded to consumers who pledge their vehicle as security for a small cash loan. Lenders keep the customer’s car title until the loan is paid back. Applicants need to have a job or another stream of income, which can be from a variety of sources, including unemployment benefits and alimony. Applicants also need to be at least 18, and the vehicle they use must be paid off, free of liens and have their name on the registration paperwork.

Title Loans Cottleville Applications

With little more than a few clicks and a little typing, you are just a few minutes away from submitting your Cottleville and St. Louis car title loans application. Just let us know the type of vehicle you plan to use as collateral, your name and contact info, and you get a loan quote. One of our agents will call you to discuss the loan, and you may need to have a quick vehicle inspection to make sure the value matches our loan offer. Wrap things up by signing your loan agreement and turning in your vehicle title certificate. Finally, you get to receive your loan money.

Missouri Legal Information

  • Lenders must be licensed by the state
  • Lenders must give borrowers 20 days notice before repossessing a vehicle, and they must give the client 10 notices before selling the vehicle. During each notice period, the borrower can redeem their vehicle by paying off the loan and all related costs.
  • Loan terms are 30 days but can be renewed for additional terms
  • Interest rates vary
  • Lender can charge upfront loan fees
  • A borrower can cancel a title loan if they do so within one business day after the day they take the money.
  • All money must be returned when the loan is cancelled.


  • Extremely fast payouts are beneficial to people struggling with cash flow problems. When they say they need money now, those aren’t just words. The need is real, which is why we make an extra effort to eliminate wasteful items, such as a long loan application. Our application is short, and so is the rest of the loan processing period. We only ask for what is absolutely necessary to complete the loan, which allows us to distribute most funds in one day.
  • Credit checks are also a waste of time. They might be necessary for the big corporate banker, but with us, title loans in Cottleville can be approved without them because of the collateral our clients offer.
  • Short loan terms help you work through money issues faster so you can get back to your regular lifestyle. However, occasionally, a borrower may not a little more time to straighten out a money mess. When that happens, and they let us know about the difficulties they are facing, we can possibly renew their loan for additional terms. That gives them more time to pay off the loan, and it relieves that stress that comes with worrying about unpaid bills.
  • Title loans in Cottleville aren’t locked into one interest rate for all loans, which means you can get a competitive rate. The rates are also lower on title loans than the interest rates of similar loans, such as payday and cash advance.

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